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Nevada State Railroad Museum (Carson City)

Largest collection of Virginia & Truckee equipment, plus documentary materials.


Calfornia State Railroad Museum

More Virginia & Truckee equipment, library contains documentary materials


Friends of the Nevada State Railroad Museum (Carson City)

Non-profit organization that supports the Nevada State Railroad Museum by raising funds for restoration and other museum projects, crew the April through December motorcar and steam train rides, and provide staffing for the Museum as needed.  Also on this site is historical information about the V&T.


Virginia & Truckee Historical Website

Invaluable compilation of many researchers' work on the history of the V&T. Contains drawings, photographs, transcriptions of letters and newspaper of articles of the period, timetables,  current researchers' articles. equipment specifications, and more. It is continually being updated.


Virginia & Truckee forum

Yahoo group created to exchange any pertinent data regarding the Virginia & Truckee Railroad, it's subsidiaries and environs. Free exchange of modeling data is encouraged and posting of photos of historical interest as well as model photos is welcome.


V&TRR Modelers 1869-1950

Yahoo discussion group about  modeling the "old V&T R.R." spanning 1869-1950.


Virginia & Truckee Modelers 1976-

Yahoo group that discusses the current operations, reconstruction progress, and slated projects referencing the "New V&T Railroad" spanning 1976 to the present time. Modelers can exchange techniques and ideas with other V&T modelers.


Virginia & Truckee Railroad Company

Official website for the Virginia & Truckee Railroad Company that operates the heritage railroad, headquartered in Virginia City. Running on original V&T right-of-way to Gold Hill, the V&T Railroad runs up to 7 trains per day, from Virginia City.  Tickets are available for purchase for the original Historic Route (Virginia City-Gold Hill) and for the new Sisters in History Route  (Carson City-Virginia City).


Northern Nevada Railway Foundation

Historical information about rebuilding project  the "new" V&TRR.


V&T Railroad

Official  Nevada Commission for the Reconstruction of the V&T Railway ticket site for the "new" V&T Railroad.


V&T Lyon - Iowa Trolley Park

About the "Lyon" replica construction project -- "to present and interpret 19th century steam railroading through the construction and operation of a full-size replica of Virginia & Truckee Railroad locomotive No. 1, the "Lyon," a wood burning steam locomotive built in 1869 by the Union Iron Works of

San Francisco, California."


Steam Locomotive Information

Search for Virginia & Truckee to retrieve picture and data about the locomotives.


American Memory Collection (Library of Congress)

Search for Virginia & Truckee to retrieve pictures, documents and drawings.


Matthewson-IGT Knowledge Center, University of Reno

Search the catalog for books about the V&T in the general collection and also documents, pictures, and other items.  Description of Special Collection holdings may be found in Primary Research Sources on this site.


Bancroft Library

See Primary Research Sources for description of holdings or search the catalog provided.


Bancroft Library, C. E. Watkins Collection

More than 100 pictures by photographer C. E. Watkins taken between 1871 and 1876 around Virginia City.


Stereo views of Carleton Watkins

More than 100 stereo views by photographer C. E. Watkins. Select "Stereo views", "New Series" and "Nevada and the Comstock".


University of Texas. Historical Maps

Historical maps from all over U. S.


Nevada Observer

The Nevada Observer, as a public service, offers this electronic reading room for the convenience of researchers and people interested in the history of the State of Nevada.


NVGenWeb Project

Genealogical data Select county to find info about cemetery, draft, death, marriage, mortality, pensioners and Virginia Evening Chronicle.


Narrow Gauge & Short Line Gazette

Magazine with many articles and drawings of Virginia & Truckee, both buildings and rolling stocks. Back issues available.


Onderdonk's Way

Site with the V&T locomotives that were sold to the Canadian Pacific Railroad around 1883. Select the A. 0's Plan and go through the locomotives.


The Model Train Magazine Index

Magazine search engine. Search for road name and type V&T or Virginia Truckee.


Virginia & Truckee scale model lists

"HO Scale Brass" is a complete up-to-date "Brown Book"-style list of HO

scale brass V&T models.  "Everything Else V&T" is a list of commercial

scale models based on V&T prototypes as well as models decorated for V&T

regardless of prototype.  Maintained by Dave Young.


Carson Car Shops

Curtis Reid's site specializing in creating content for Auran's Trainz Railroad Simulator; focusing primarily on Old West content in general, and the Virginia & Truckee Railroad in specific.



Site dedicated to the history of American western narrow gauge railroading. We are working to create the central location for accurate data, history, imagery, and all things relevant to narrow gauge railroading west of the Rocky Mountains. However, it has several active V&T modelers and a V&T - specific forum as well as information about V&T affiliates.


Nevada Online Encyclopedia

A multimedia resource produced by Nevada Humanities that incorporates articles, images, and interactive media to explore the landscape, people, and events that have shaped the Silver State‚Äôs politics, economy, and culture.  Articles about the V&T are in the section, Exploration & Transportation.  Information about Virginia City is in the Community & Society section and there is a whole section on Mining.


Three Historic Nevada Cities

Historic information and pictures about Reno, Carson City, Virginia City.


Carson City

Official website of Carson City.


Virginia City

Official website of Virginia City.


Piper's Opera House

Past and present info about the Piper Opera House.


Territorial Enterprise

Virginia City newspaper that was the first to print Mark Twain's stories and has historical photos of Virginia City.


The Western Nevada Historic Photo Collection

A private venture, created by Around Carson, to collect and share the photographic history of Western Nevada. It focuses on Carson City and the surrounding areas, including Virginia City, Reno, Dayton, Lake Tahoe, and the Carson Valley.