V & T Research

The mission of the Virginia & Truckee Railroad Historical Society is to encourage research and publication of scholarship concerning the Virginia & Truckee Railroad from its inception in 1868 to the last official run on May 31, 1950.  Included in our subject definition is research on its affiliates, connecting lines, and the Comstock area in general.


We offer in this section inspiration and tools   For inspiration, there is a brief history of the V&T Railroad written by Stephen E. Drew., as well as an equipment roster and a look at ongoing research that currently is in the form of drawings, but may include in the future, photographs (historical or models), articles, bibliographies, and other items submitted by the Members.


As for tools, we provide guides to primary and secondary research sources.  Primary sources contain original materials such as business documents, period photographs, personal letters of those involved in the railroad, and other ephemera.  As for secondary resources, we include a list of website links that may be of value as you delve into the life and times of the Virginia & Truckee Railroad.


Please feel free to submit your items, bibliographies, suggestions, and updates to the Historical Society in order to keep this section current.  All items will be reviewed before inclusion.