The publications of the Virginia & Truckee Railroad Historical Society are designed to fulfill their mission of providing the dissemination of current research about the railroad, its affiliates, connecting rail lines and the Comstock period in general.


The Society is always looking for articles, drawings, photographs, and topics to include in its publications.  All submissions will be considered for publication.  For more information contact the editor, Stephen E, Drew.


The V&T Telegraph is the Society's quarterly newsletter. Edited by Stephen E. Drew, Chief Curator (retired) of the California Railroad Museum., this newsletter is packed with V&T history articles, structure and equipment plans, the latest news on what’s new in the V&T world, articles for V&T modelers, and a question and answer section. Most of the newsletters contain a two sided V&T Information Sheet with facts and details on a V&T subject. It provides the latest in V&T Railroad scholarship and is a benefit of membership.  Cumulative Index is available as a publication for Issues No. 1-50.


Issue, Subject and Title indexes are now available for download in PDF format.

In addition to the V&T Telegraph, the society publishes a monograph series covering specific areas of Virginia & Truckee research. These booklets contain not only historical narrative, but often never before published photographs, illustrations, scale drawings, and a full bibliography.  The first in the series, published in 2011,  was Virginia & Truckee Railway Gasoline Motor Cars by Michael A. (Mike) Collins, renown V&T authority and master draftsman, and Stephen E. Drew, Chief Curator (retired) of the California Railroad Museum.  Since that first publication, there have been several more issued including Virginia & Truckee Gold Hill Depot, Virginia & Truckee Wooden Box Cars, Virginia & Truckee Railroad Depots in Virginia City, and Carson & Colorado Railroad Roster and Pictorial, 1880-1900.

Other Publications

From time to time, we offer commercial or self-published items that pertain to the subject of the V&T Railroad or to the Comstock in general.  We usually have limited amounts of these items and when they are sold out, they are gone.  Currently, we are offering Stephen Drew's, Lake Tahoe's Railroads, and the V&T Calendars for 2021, 2022, 2023, and 2024.