Silent Auction

The Silent Auction at the V&TRRHS Annual Conference is the major fund-raising event for the organization.  The proceeds are used to pay for the expenses of the Conference that are not covered by registration fees.  This allows us to keep the registration rates affordable for all attendees.


Once the Conference expenses are cleared, the remainder is used for donations to worthy V&T related projects such as the restoration of the Gold Hill Depot, the Virginia City Freight Depot, the Comstock Historic District, and to the preservation of V&T Mail and Baggage Car 13 in Virginia City.

Donate Items Now!


It's time for you to help the V&TRRHS and allow other Members to fulfill their dreams of ownership.


Start your Spring cleaning now, this minute.  After deciding what treasures you can part with, either email a description of the items to the Auction Diva at or download this form, fill it out and mail it to her at the address shown on the form. She will be accepting donations until September 15, 2016.


No need to send the physical item if you are going to the conference. Just bring it with you.  If you're not attending the conference (and why not?), she will make special arrangements to get it there. Rest assured that whatever you donate will delight and amaze our bidders who will then spend a small fortune for the opportunity to own such an item with such distinguished provenance (that's the fancy word for previous owner, namely you!).


And For You Prospective Bidders . . .

Start saving your money now and keeping checking back to this page after September 15 to see what treasures we have in store for you.


Document: Darney, Dale. Virginia & Truckee Railroad Co. Rolling Stock Inventory, 1870-1902, With Later Additions


Document: Morgan Railcar Company, Inc. Virginia & Truckee Railroad Equipment Restoration Feasibility Investigation.


Document: Short Line Enterprises, Inc. Restoration Feasibility Investigation on Virginia & Truckee Railroad Locomotives Nos 18 "Dayton" and 22 "Inyo"


Publication: Drew, Stephen E. Virginia & Truckee Inyo: Nevada's Brass Betsy.

Document: Drew, Stephen E. Virginia & Truckee Railway McKeen Motor Car No. 22: Restoration Feasibility Investigation


Document: Short Line Enterprises, Inc.,  Carson & Tahoe Lumber & Fluming Company's Lake Tahoe Narrow Gauge Railroad Locomotive No. 2 "Glenbrook" :Restoration Feasibility Investigation


Document: USDA Forest Service, Lake Tahoe Basic Management Unit. The Lake Tahoe Narrow Gauge Railroad Site Records F.S. Site 05-19-488


Plaques: Railroad memento (6 items)


Item: Brass Locomotive #27 from desk of Gordon Sampson


Items: Misc. V&T & Steam Train ephemera (7 items)


Item: Christmas Ornament


Kit:: V&T Jib Crane


Memorabilia:  Railroad Spike with Miniature Steam Train


Kit:: San Francisco Cable Car


Kit:: HOn3 D&RGW Idler Flat Kit


Kit:: HOn3 D&RGW Box Car Kit


Kit:: HOn3 D&RGW Stock Car Kit


Models: HO Overland Dispatch, Southern Express Co. (3)


Model: HOn3 Tiffany Reefer Car


Model: HO Gondola


Model: HO Die Cast Combine


Model: OO Old Time Coach


Kit: "Uncle Al's" United Grocery Store


Kit: Pine Grove Court House


Kit: "G" Classic Observation Car with Interior Light


Kit: Virginia & Truckee Passenger Car


Kit: Virginia & Truckee Combination Car


Kit: "G" Classic Combine with Interior Lights & Sliding Doors


Jewelry: Silver-tone Railroad 3-Piece Set


Jewelry: Gold-tone Railroad 3-Piece Set


Memorabilia: V&T Original $1000 10% Gold Bond No. 791


Memorabilia: V&T Time Table No. 21


Memorabilia: V&T Train Register for March 23, 1877


Memorabilia: V&T Payroll for Engines Nos. 10 Washoe, 11 Reno, and 12 Genoa, February 1878


Book: Dequille, Dan (William Wright). A History of the Comstock Mines : Mineral and Agricultural Resources of Silver Land


Book: Best, Gerald M. Nevada County Narrow Gauge.


Book: Pecotich, Robert A. Southern Pacific's Sacramento Shops : Incubator of Innovation.


Book: Davis, Sarah Ann and Mary Hill, Elisabeth L Egenhoff, and Elinor H Rhodes. Guide to Virginia City, Nevada and the Comstock Area.


Memorabilia: Special Train for the World Premiere of 'Virginia City.'


Photographs: Matthews, Fred. 5 (Five) Photographs of Southern Pacific narrow gauge.


Photographs: Watkins, Carleton E. 5 (Five) enlargements of October 1876 views of Virginia City, Gold Hill and Silver City, Nevada.


Memorabilia: Chollar Gold & Silver Mining Company, Virginia City, NV stock certificate & photograph


Memorabilia: Checks signed by Superintendent H.M. Yerington 3 (Three)


Memorabilia: Carson & Colorado Railway. Dayton, NV. Section Crew Time-Roll, Dec 1897. Agent's Cash Remittance, Oct. 13, 1893


Memorabilia: SP narrow gauge Locomotive No. 9. Monthly ICC Locomotive Inspection and Repair Reports, 1943-1949


Memorabilia: 8 (Eight) Original V&T Tickets


Memorabilia: V&T Lyon Engine Silhouettes - with steam


Memorabilia: V&T Lyon Engine Silhouettes - without steam