Silent Auction

The Silent Auction at the V&TRRHS Annual Conference is the major fund-raising event for the organization.  The proceeds are used to pay for the expenses of the Conference that are not covered by registration fees.  This allows us to keep the registration rates affordable for all attendees.


Once the Conference expenses are cleared, the remainder is used for donations to worthy V&T related projects such as the restoration of the Gold Hill Depot, the Virginia City Freight Depot, the Comstock Historic District, lanterns for rolling stock at the Nevada State Railroad Museum, Carson City and to the preservation of V&T Mail and Baggage Car 13 in Virginia City.


This year we have already several donations:


Books and models from the estate of the late Don Ball

Books and models from the estate of the late Tom Smith

Photographs by the late Hart Corbett

Historical materials from Joe Curtis and his Mark Twain Bookstore


Start your Spring cleaning now, this minute.  After deciding what treasures you can part with, either email a description of the items to the Auction Diva at or download this form, fill it out and mail it to her at the address shown on the form. We will be accepting donations until September 30.  That is the cutoff -- no new donations will be accepted at the conference if we do not hear from you by September 30.


No need to send the physical item if you are going to the conference. Just bring it with you.  If you're not attending the conference (and why not?), the Diva will make special arrangements to get it there. Rest assured that whatever you donate will delight and amaze our bidders who will then spend a small fortune for the opportunity to own such an item with such distinguished provenance (that's the fancy word for previous owner, namely you!).